Design Thinking is a collaborative process of problem-solving.

This human-centered concept uses design sensibilities for creating and producing the best product or service. The end-user is the key focus, which means working to anticipate that person’s needs through empathy and with an emphasis on action rather than planning. Creativity, innovation, and collaboration are at the core of this approach. So, too, are ideas—the more the better— while constantly proto-typing, “failing fast,” and refining to read to the best result. Thinking and creating this way helps organizations tackle the complex, rapidly evolving challenges that businesses and other organizations face in today’s world. When problem-solving, the ultimate goal is not analyzing a problem but creating a solution—a solution that makes the most sense to the consumer.

Design Thinking at GVSU

Career Benefits

More and more companies are using this philosophy as a core approach to simplifying and humanizing complex business products and services. From the largest global companies to small firms, employees who understand design thinking principles are valued for their innovation and problem-solving. That’s why Design Thinking Academy Fellows have an advantage when seeking employment. Fellows are connected, talented individuals who use design thinking in their fields or who have special complementary skills: + Improvisation + Empathy + Body language + Storytelling + Professional design disciplines.

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