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CSCE Internal Funding

Funding Summary

Click here for a summary of the of the funding offered by the CSCE.



Dissemination Travel Grant

This grant supports dissemination of the applicant's original research or creative effort. The presentations must be at a recognized organized conference or professional exposition unless you are a session chair or officer of a national committee.

Mini-Grant Program 

This program supports research and creative activity with a modest subsidy at critical times. This is accomplished through defraying the cost of travel, supplies, and other materials necessary to conduct the project. Funds may be used for page charges, color illustrations, and other costs associated with publishing.

Where will your curiosity take you?


Catalyst Grant for Research and Creativity 

This grant encourages faculty in establishing and maintaining programs of research, scholarly, and/or creative activity. Projects should display potential for having a significant impact on one’s field or chart a new trajectory in one’s scholarly, creative or artistic development.

Faculty Course Reassignment for Research and Creative Expression

The Faculty Course Reassignment is an additional funding option of CSCE’s Catalyst Grant.

This reassignment provides unencumbered time to help fulfill the demands of unusually time-intensive projects. 

Pre-tenure Supplement for Research and Creativity

The Pre-tenure Supplement for Research and Creativity is an additional funding option of CSCE’s Catalyst Grant.

The Pre-tenure Supplement for Research and Creativity enhances scholarly and/or creative productivity by providing junior faculty members with financial support to launch their creative agendas at the university.

Collaborative Research and Creative Activity Initiative

This initiative is designed to foster new collaborative research and creative activities between faculty members from different disciplines.

Open Access Publishing Support

This support aids the ability of researchers to publish in established open access peer-reviewed journals and peer-reviewed journals that have an open access option. 

Book Subvention Fund

This fund supports the costs of scholarly publication.  These subventions guarantee that scholarly works of significance by GVSU faculty can be published even if the prospective audience is limited. 

Other Funding Resources


The LGBT FSA Grant Program is a flexible opportunity designed to promote LGBT related scholarship conducted by both faculty and staff at GVSU.