Current Projects

Fieldwork Photos

Megan with largemouth bass
Zak with bowfin
Travis with snapping turtle
Zak collecting inverts.
Travis with clipboard
Zak with YSI
Bert with fish
The lead of a fyke net
Tony and Alan in small jon boat
snapping turtle
Alan and Bert
Alan Bert and Maria
students riding in boat
Kaitlyn with YSI
Maria with small fish
maria with fish
Alan and Travis with YSI
Tony measuring fish
Kaitlyn with a bowfin
Collecting macroinvertebrates
Collecting water samples in a coastal wetland
Kaitlyn with a flathead catfish
Alan with a large common carp from Lake Macatawa
Travis with a map turtle
Alan and Evan collect macroinvertebrates from a coastal wetland
Alan, Evan, and Kaitlyn collect water samples and measure water quality parameters in a coastal wetland
Dr. Ruetz and Kaitlyn sample fish in Sand Creek
Alan, Evan, and Kaitlyn collect macroinvertebrates from a coastal wetland
A fyke net is used to sample fish in a coastal wetland
Coastal wetland in Saginaw Bay
Young-of-the-year lake sturgeon from the Muskegon River
Blanding's turtle from Muskegon Lake
Kaitlyn with a largemouth bass from Muskegon Lake

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