Additional Research Projects

Lower Muskegon River Habitat Restoration Project

The overall goal of this restoration project to is to reconnect the Muskegon River with a diked wetland near the river’s confluence with Muskegon Lake. The purpose of our monitoring is to provide pre- and post-restoration assessment of the fish assemblage, macroinvertebrate assemblage, and water quality in response to this habitat restoration. In this report, we summarize the results of our pre-restoration monitoring during 2018, which will provide a baseline to compare post-restoration monitoring. The baseline conditions also can be used to assess the ecological condition of the diked wetland being considered for restoration.

2018 Lower Muskegon River Report

Fish Monitoring of the Littoral Zone at Shoreline Restoration Sites in Muskegon Lake

An extensive shoreline restoration project was completed in Muskegon Lake during 2010 and 2011, which provided an opportunity to evaluate the ecological outcome of habitat restoration on the littoral fish assemblage. Fish surveys were conducted in Muskegon Lake during 2009-2011 as part of the original shoreline restoration project, providing pre-restoration data. The purpose of this survey was to evaluate the response of the littoral fish assemblage post restoration in Muskegon Lake.

2018 Muskegon Lake Report

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