March 2021

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, undergraduate students are denoted with a single asterisk*, graduate students are denoted with two asterisks**, and post-docs are denoted with three asterisks***.


Bopi Biddanda was lead author of an article in the GVSU Regional Math & Science newsletter Interchange:
Biddanda, B., A. Weinke, J. Mancuso**, D. Dila, M. Villar-Argaiz, J. Medina-Sanchez, J. Gonzalez-Olalla and P. Carrillo. 2021. Small things considered: How very tiny housekeepers run our very big hydrosphere. Interchange, Connections for the STEM Classroom, March 2021.

Bopi Biddanda, Anthony Weinke, and undergraduate student Ian Stone were co-authors of an article published in Eos:
Hartmeyer, P., S. Gandulla, I. Stone*, A. Weinke, and B. Biddanda. 2021. A glimpse of the otherworldly “lakescape” at the bottom of the Middle Island Sinkhole in Lake Huron. Eos, American Geophysical Union, March 2021 p. 49.









AWRI was represented at the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters Conference (Virtual) on March 12th. Presentations with AWRI authors and/or co-authors included:
Alexis Porter** and Richard Rediske. Investigation of Escherichia coli Coliform contamination in the Pigeon River Watershed.
Margaret Brenneman* and Richard Rediske. Investigation of Escherichia coli contamination in Little Black Creek.
Rahman, S., A. Schian, (Presenters & Authors), F. Siddiqui, N. Pokhrel, A. Babu, T. Goralski, M. Lane, R. Rediske, P.-L. Tsou, & S. Blackman. Wastewater detection of SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks via Digital Droplet PCR on campus dorms.

Megan Mader, AWRI graduate student working with Carl Ruetz, gave a virtual oral presentation at the annual meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society on March 16th.
Mader, M.**, C.R. Ruetz III, and S. Woznicki. Oral. Fish community response to shoreline structure and latitudinal gradient in drowned river mouths of eastern Lake Michigan.

Charlyn Partridge gave a virtual presentation at Wilfred Laurier University on March 5th for their virtual seminar series. Her presentation was titled: Petite and perilous: Combining herbarium and genetic data to explore the successful invasion of baby’s breath (Gysophila paniculata) across North America.

Carl Ruetz gave a virtual presentation at the Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership monthly meeting on March 2nd. His presentation was titled: Muskegon Lake AOC fisheries monitoring.

Al Steinman presented and participated in a panel sponsored by FLOW (For Love of Water) on groundwater on March 10th.

Al Steinman gave a virtual presentation to HASP (Hope Academy of Senior Professionals) on March 22nd. His presentation was titled: Emerging Water Issues that Face Our Planet.

Janet Vail and Amanda Syers presented a session at the virtual Michigan Science Teachers Association conference on March 6th. The presentation was titled: Human impacts: Data rich lessons for middle school.

Sean Woznicki was the featured speaker at the GVSU Michigan Resources on Climate and Land Change Education (MiRCLE) event on February 17th. His presentation was titled: Mapping the benefits: Teaching ecosystem services with EnviroAtlas.