February 2023

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, undergraduate students are denoted with a single asterisk*, graduate students are denoted with two asterisks**, and post-docs are denoted with three asterisks***.


Bopi Biddanda and others from his lab published an article in Journal of Great Lakes Research:

Biddanda, B., A. Weinke, and I. Stone. 2023. Extant mat world microbes synchronize migration to a diel tempo. Journal of Great Lakes Research 49(1): 220-228. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0380133022002337


Bopi was lead author on two recently published “Postcards from the Field” in Eos:

Biddanda, B., N. Dugener**, I. Stone, A, Weinke, B. Braymer, D. Burlingame, T. Roetman and S. Ruberg. 2023.  Observatory wraps up 12 years of Great Lakes estuary watch. Postcards from the Field. Eos, American Geophysical Union, February 3, 2023.



Biddanda, B., A, Weinke, I Stone, S. Gandulla, and P. Hartmeyer. 2023. Caught in the act: Daily microbial movement that possibly changed the world. Postcards from the Field. Eos, American Geophysical Union, February 3, 2023.




Bopi Biddanda was the keynote speaker for the GVSU Awards Convocation held in Grand Rapids on February 14th.The title was “Water stories in the Biosphere: From the Laurentian Great Lakes to the Sierra Nevada”.

Bopi Biddanda was a guest lecturer for Earth’s History in the Geology Department on February 21st. The title of his presentation was “Modern-day microbial mats as windows into Earth’s past”.

Christina Catanese and Amanda Syers gave a presentation about the water resources outreach and education program for Michigan Resources on Climate and Land Change Education (MiRCLE) on February 15th.

Rick Rediske presented a webinar for the American Public Health Association on “PFAS contamination in drinking water: how we can improve the Public Health response to impacted communities?” on February 3rd. Alexis Porter was the moderator for this event.

Rick Rediske gave a presentation on February 15th at the Business Law meeting held at the Loosemore Auditorium. The presentation was titled “PFAS, are these chemicals a dragon among us?”.

Al Steinman gave a presentation regarding his work on Bear Lake at the North Muskegon Town Hall on January 12th.

Al Steinman presented at the Harmful Algal Bloom Event in Muskegon on February 23rd.

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