2024 January Newsletter

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, undergraduate students are denoted with a single asterisk*, graduate students are denoted with two asterisks**, and post-docs are denoted with three asterisks***.



Biddanda et al 2023.  Modern Microbial Mats offer glimpse of other times and places. Eos, American Geophysical https://eos.org/features/modern-microbial-mats-offer-glimpses-of-other-times-and-places

Fray, D.**, McGovern, C., Casamatta, D., Biddanda, B., & Hamsher, S. E. Metabarcoding reveals unique microbial mat communities and evidence of biogeographic influence in low-oxygen, high-sulfur sinkholes and springs. Ecology and Evolution. Accepted

McNair, J.N., D. Frobish, E.K. Rice**, and R.A. Thum. 2023. Alternative study designs and nonparametric statistical methods for adaptive management studies of invasive plants. Invasive Plant Science and Management. In review.

McNair, J.N., I. Ciarrocchi**, D. Frobish, J.J. Hart**, M.N. Jamison**, and D.C. Szlag. 2023. How to analyze censored concentration data using statistical methods of survival analysis. In preparation.

McNair, J.N., D. Frobish, J.J. Hart**, M.N. Jamison**, R.R. Rediske, and D.C. Szlag. 2023. A survey of the theoretical basis of qPCR and ddPCR sample concentration estimates. In preparation.

McNair, J.N., J. Suh, and D. DeNicola. 2023. Scale-dependent effects of disturbance on stochastic patch and community dynamics. In preparation.

Wijesinghe**, R.U., J.J. Hart**, J.N. McNair, and Y. Feng. 2023. Persistence of Bacteroidales in stream water microcosms as determined by propidium monoazide assisted quantitative PCR. In preparation.

Linz, D, Struewing, I, Sienkiewicz, N, Steinman, A, Partridge, CG, McIntosh, K, Allen, J, Lu, J, Vesper, S. 2024. Periodic Addition of Glucose Suppressed Cyanobacterial Abundance in Additive Lake Water Samples During the Entire Bloom Season. Accepted in Journal of Environmental Management.

Otter R.R., Mills M.A., Fritz K.M., Lazorchak J.M., White D.P., Beaubien G.B., Walters D.M. 2023. PCB concentrations in riparian spiders (Tetragnathidae) consistently reflect concentrations in water and aquatic macroinvertebrates, but not sediment: Analysis of a seven-year field study. Science of the Total Environment. IN PRESS DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.169230

Kerr S., Otter R.R. 2023. Diet effects egg laying, biomass, and stable isotope values in tetragnathid spiders: Use of a novel laboratory technique. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. IN REVIEW

Linz, D., Struewing, I., Sienkiewicz, N., Steinman, A.D., Partridge, C.G., McIntosh, K., Lu, J., and Vesper, S. Accepted. Periodic addition of glucose suppressed cyanobacterial abundance in additive lake water samples during the entire bloom season. Journal of Water Resource and Protection.

Other Publications:

Biddanda, B. and Weinke, T. 2023. Cryosphere Lost: Vanishing continental glaciers pose a critical threat to humanity's dwindling water reserves and Earth's fragile climate resilience.  STEM Connections for the Classroom, InterChange.

Steinman, A.D., Hassett, M.C., and Tyrrell, K.J., Mona Lake Celery Flats Reconnection Pre-Restoration Monitoring Report. January 2024.


Keely Dunahm presented the HWA eDNA updates to the HWA Celebration and staff workshop.

Charlyn Partridge presented at the 2024 Annual Invasive Species Forum hosted by the Invasive Species Centre in Canada.

Charlyn Partridge was invited to present at the 10th HWA managers meeting to be held in July in Nova Scotia.

Woznicki, S.A., 2023. Land use and climate change as drivers of water scarcity in the Serbian Danube River Basin Michigan State University, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Seminar Series. East Lansing, MI. December 5, 2023.

Greene, J.**, M. Stefanou*, J. Jalali**, S.A. Woznicki. 2023. Quantifying Water Clarity in Michigan’s Inland Lakes Using Optical Remote Sensing. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting 2023, San Francisco, CA. Poster.

Jalali, J.**, J. Greene**, S.A. Woznicki. 2023. Assessing the contributions of agricultural land use and climate change to water scarcity in the middle Danube River Basin. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting 2023, San Francisco, CA. Poster.

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