2024 January Newsletter

Grants & Contracts

Bopi Biddanda received $23,809 funding from CIGLR-NOAA for a “Revealing age, of Vent Water in Lake Huron’s Shallow and Deepwater Sinkholes” project.

Ryan Otter and Charlyn Partridge received amended funding approval for the MDHHS SEWER Project in the amount of ~$1,300,000.

Ryan Otter received funding ($14,062) for HESI to host, maintain, optimize, and update the HESI EnviroTox Database and Tools.  

Carl Ruetz received funding from the Kindschi Undergraduate Research Fellowship (GVSU) to support Caden Shannon (undergraduate). The title of the project is: Recreational Angler Attitudes and Motivations: Winter Fishing in Drowned River Mouth Lakes. Tyler Hoyt (graduate student) and Amanda Buday (co-mentor) are collaborators on the project.

Mark Luttenton is managing a $50,000 fund committed through the Anglers of the Au Sable to conduct chemical testing on the Au Sable River and Manistee River.

Awards & Recognition

Al Steinman received the C.R. Evenson Award from the West Michigan Environmental Action Council at their annual meeting on January 24, which is in recognition of an individual's long- term dedication to environmental protection in Michigan.

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