September 2018 Newsletter

A Closer Look #186

Igor Mrdjen

Pictured:  Igor Mrdjen, Ph.D.

AWRI Welcomes New Postdoctoral Researcher

After graduating from Ohio State University with his Ph.D. in Public Health, Dr. Igor Mrdjen joined AWRI as a postdoctoral research associate in September 2018.  His doctoral research focused on the causes, consequences, and solutions to harmful algal blooms in small lakes and ponds and part of his work recently was published in Environmental Science and Technology.  Specifically, his dissertation focused on human land use influences on harmful algal blooms, toxicity and carcinogenicity of microcystin toxins, and novel ways of preventing harmful algal bloom exposures.

Igor will be joining Dr. Rick Rediske’s lab and work on projects dealing with qPCR and microbial source tracking of fecal bacteria in environmental, cyanobacteria blooms in drowned river mouth lakes, and emerging chemical contaminants in the Great Lakes basin. He currently is working on projects in collaboration with multiple public health labs, the MDEQ, and the U.S. EPA, to help develop and establish criteria for beach water E. coli monitoring and microbial source tracking methods.

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