March 2021 Newsletter

A Closer Look #212

AWRI Science Advisory Board

Pictures of Carol Johnston, Harvey Bootsma, and Jennifer Haverkamp.


Shortly after AWRI moved to Muskegon in 2001, we formed an external Science Advisory Board (SAB), whose charge is to provide a general evaluation of science, programmatic directions, future needs, and strengths and weaknesses at AWRI. Their prior reports are available on the AWRI website at

Although due to COVID, we had to push the SAB’s triennial review of AWRI back one year.  We were able to hold virtual, half-day meetings on March 3 and 5.  This was their 9th review of AWRI’s programs (and the first one not held in-person), providing valuable advice.  Unfortunately, Dr. Gary Lamberti was unable to join us this year due to a conflict. Although it will be several weeks before we receive their formal report, the general feedback from the SAB was very positive.  We thank our dedicated SAB members (pictured) for their time and input.