May 2022 Newsletter

A Closer Look #225

Group Photo of student interns at AWRI.

Students pictured: (top row, left to right) Jacob Yingling, Grayson Kosak, Collin Toth, (second row) Emma Piasecki, Brianne Siple, Colin Assenmacher, (third row) Audrey Whitaker, Sunny Charpentier, (fourth row) Alexis Deephouse, Amelia Heminger, (fifth row) Jillian Green, Colleen McClure, (sixth row) Margaret Evele, Elliott Fair, and Cianna Quattrin.

Students not pictured:  Janelle Cook, Jacquie Molloseau, Carlin Moore, and Allison Passenja.


One of the joys of summer at AWRI is our student intern program. This summer, we welcome 19 student interns to the Institute. These students are funded by a variety of sources and work with different principal investigators.

The R.B. Annis Foundation is funding Jillian Greene (working with Bopi Biddanda and Sean Woznicki), Audrey Whitaker (working with Christina Catanese and Rick Rediske), and Elliott Fair (working with Charlyn Partridge).

The Herbert L. VanderMey Endowment is funding Amelia Heminger (working with Rick Rediske) and Alexis Deephouse (working with Ashley Elgin of NOAA).

Fourteen additional interns will be working at AWRI this summer, funded through various research projects: Colin Assenmacher, Sunny Charpentier, Grayson Kosak, Brianne Siple, and  Jacob Yingling (working with Carl Ruetz); Janelle Cook (working with Bopi Biddanda); Margaret Evele (working with Ashley Elgin of NOAA); Colleen McClure, Carlin Moore, and  Cianna Quattrin (working with Charlyn Partridge); Jacquie Molloseau and Allison Passenja (working with Al Steinman); Emma Piasecki (working with Rick Rediske); and Colin Toth (working with Sarah Hamsher).

 A special welcome to all of these bright, young researchers for their hard work and dedication, and a heartfelt thank you to our generous and supportive funders!

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