Water Quality Investigations

Storm Sampling on Ruddiman Creek
Deer Creek
Macroinvertebrate Sampling

Storm Sampling on an Urban Creek

Deer Creek Watershed Assessment

Macroinvertebrate Sampling on an Urban Creek

Water Quality Investigations

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory conducts water quality investigations of surface water to determine nutrient and bacterial sources in addition to the development of restoration strategies. In addition, we have had a 15+ year partnership with Public Health Muskegon County (PHMC) for the Lake Michigan and inland lakes beach monitoring program. We are currently working on the final phase of our Tyler Creek 319 Watershed Planning Project and are evaluating the discharge and E. coli data to determine the stream locations contributing the greatest bacterial load to the system. We also started a 319 Watershed Planning Project in 2014 on the Flat River and are working with the Kent County Conservation District and Streamside Environmental Consultants to determine sources of nutrients and E coli in the river.  Based on the study results, we will be developing a more focused monitoring program in 2015 that identifies sites for BMP installation. 

We also continue to provide laboratory support for ongoing environmental projects and research for the Steinman lab.  In 2014, we began to pursue an opportunity to conduct qPCR analyses for the rapid detection of E. coli as part of the beach monitoring program. The development of qPCR methods at AWRI will open additional research opportunities in the areas of eDNA, protozoan pathogens, and microbial source tracking of E. coli.  

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