What's New in the CMS


Permanent link for Update to Sprout to Specify Online/Face-to-Face Meetings on April 20, 2020

When you add a meeting in Sprout, you will now be able to select a Meeting Type.  You can then choose between Face-To-Face or Online.  

If you choose Online, the meeting URL will be sent in the reminder e-mails. 

Permanent link for Form URL Redirects on February 4, 2020

Now in the Form Builder, you can redirect existing Form Builder forms to different pages on your website. What does that mean!? Imagine one of these scenarios.

You have created a form, and have hyperlinked that form in an e-mail.  That e-mail is then sent to hundreds of people. Then you realize that you linked to the wrong form. 


Someone has saved the URL of the form in an e-mail, bookmark, or from an old social media posting. It might be a year later before that form is accessed again. That form is old and outdated.

You can now enter a redirect URL. If you enter a redirect URL, anytime someone accesses that form it will redirect them to whatever page you specify. 


Permanent link for Embed Forms! on January 30, 2020

You are now able to embed a form into a content item! 

In the past, a form always had to exist as a page in itself. 

Now you can create a form, and place it on a page wherever you'd like!   

Learn more about this by checking the How To video. 

Permanent link for File Manager now has image previews on January 21, 2020

You may notice a slight change in the CMS, which is awesome.  You will now be able to choose between a List view and Icon view when you are choosing a picture.  This means you'll be able to see a preview of the picture you are posting before selecting it!   

Permanent link for Media Chunk on January 13, 2020

The Web Team has created a new feature called the Media Chunk.  The Media Chunk allow you to highlight a section with a picture and text.  Learn all about the Media Chunk by watching the new What's New video. 

Permanent link for Google Analytics are now built right into the CMS! on January 8, 2020

Google Analytics is a service that tracks and reports website traffic.  You can now view this information whenever you want by clicking on More | Analytics. That's it! Check out the How To video to learn all about Analytics. 

Permanent link for Podcast Chunk on December 11, 2019

Adding a podcast is now available on the CMS.  You can now have your users listen to a podcast that you have recorded, or share a podcast pertinent to your page. Learn all about the Podcast Chunk by watching the What's New Video. 

Permanent link for View a Google Calendar on your CMS on November 13, 2019

New to the CMS this week is the ability add a Google Calendar into your CMS.  If you use a Google Calendar to track events, you can now easily have the calendar view.

Watch this video to learn how to add a Google Calendar to your CMS. 

Permanent link for Tables can now be sized according to the page on November 11, 2019

Now when you create a table, you can have the column width distribute the width of each column evenly. Prior to this the width was automatically determined.  Now you can have a table stretch to fill a page and each column will be the same size. 


Permanent link for Form Builder can now send an e-mail based on a response on November 11, 2019

An often requested feature to the form builder is here! 

You can now have the form builder e-mail someone based on a users response. For example - 

You have an event upcoming. In the form you created, you have a checkbox to indicate if someone wants a t-shirt. Now when someone checks that box, you can have an e-mail sent to the person who is handling the t-shirts.   

When you are creating your form, simply use the Multiple Select option and use the checkbox for "Options will cause specific people to receive an email whenever the form is submitted". Then enter the e-mail address you want the response to go to. 

Page last modified April 20, 2020