Students in environmental studies class immerse themselves on northern Michigan's Beaver Island during field school

July 21, 2022

Ten Grand Valley students had what a faculty member called "a study abroad experience in the middle of Lake Michigan" to cap off an environmental and sustainability studies course.

From NMC, Anderson found a steady path to becoming a PA student

May 11, 2022

Ashley Anderson laughed when she recalled it was a cat that sent her down her current career path.

NMC graduate working in Health Care pursues degree in Physician Assistant Studies at GVSU

May 10, 2022

Like many students who graduate from high school, Elias Sanchez (now a GVSU AHS graduate) had aspirations to attend a large, traditional, four-year university many miles away from Traverse City.

GVSU students juggles jobs, family responsibilities with plans to earn master's degree

May 9, 2022

Juggling family and job responsibilities is enough for many people. Catherine Russell-Maxson adds college classes and applications for a master�s degree program to the mix.

Degrees at NMC, GVSU set "water person" up for success

May 4, 2022

Cooper is the conservation technician for the Manistee Conservation District. Two degrees and countless high-impact experiences at NMC and GVSU gave her the skills to work in a field she loves.

Experiential Team Building Brings Awareness to Homelessness Within The Community

April 7, 2022

Tina Allen introduces her GVSU Traverse City students to community outreach programs so they can choose their team building projects, with applied experiential learning practice. This semester students chose projects to support homelessness awareness.

GVSU expands tuition-free program to all qualified Michigan students

January 18, 2022

The Grand Valley Pledge awards full undergraduate tuition (renewable for four years) to qualified students who have a family income of less than $50,000.

For internship project, TC student creates inclusive week at elementary school 

December 13, 2021

GVSU Traverse City student Darla Eimers fulfills her internship requirement by planning Diversity and Inclusion Week to expose the elementary students to cultures other than their own and "bring them outside their comfort zone a bit."

The Renew Crew

December 10, 2021

The "Renew Crew" - a team of aspiring PAs from GVSU's Traverse City Regional Center volunteer to revitalize the Great Lakes Children�s Museum

Servant Leader & Devoted GVSU Laker Making an Impactful Difference

December 1, 2021

Since 1999, Lisa Migazzi has been a devoted GVSU Laker. Her educational, career, and life journey for the last 22 years have steered her towards a life of service and making a difference in the educational system for upcoming generations.

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