Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need to register for Transitions?
All new students that register for classes at summer orientation are required to participate in Transitions. Residential students (students students living on campus) do not need to register.  Starting in 2017, commuter students (students living off campus) need to RSVP; please refer to the information here.

Is there a fee for participating?

Are parking permits needed during Transitions? Where should commuter students park?
First year students who live off campus (commuter students) will not need a parking permit for the Transitions program, however, please note that commuter student must park in designated commuter lots (Park in lots: C, G, H, K-west).  Refer to the student commuter parking regulations). Parking regulations are enforced when classes begin.  

How do new students know which group they are in?
Students who live off campus (commuter students), will meet their group upon check in on Wednesday.  Residential students will meet their Transitions Leaders in their Living Center. Once the groups have been formed, students will be provided with locations and times to meet their group on Thursday and Friday.

Where is Transitions held each day?
The Transitions program helps students get to know the Allendale campus through meeting in several different places on campus.  Groups will be assigned to meet in a classroom location and will also travel the the Fieldhouse arena for several components of the program.  Refer to the general schedule.  If you ever get separated from your group during Transitions, call or visit the 2020 Information Desk (616-331-2020, Kirkhof Center Lobby).

What should students wear to Transitions?
We recommend to dress for the weather (it is usually hot in late August) and to wear comfortable shoes for walking around campus.  Casual clothes are fine and we encourage students to wear their favorite GVSU t-shirt. 

Will there be an area to store belongings (purse, bag, etc.) during Transitions?
No, there will not be a designated area to leave belongings during the Transitions Program. It is advised, particularly for Wednesday night, not to bring valuables (including purses, since students will be moving around Lubbers Stadium).  On Thursday and Friday, students will be traveling to and from various buildings so we encourage students to keep belongings to a minimum. 

What if I plan to attend Laker Familia, Black Excellence Orientation, or Honors Welcome Days?
Students who participate in programs prior to Transitions are still required to complete the Transitions Program.  The information covered during the Transitions Program is not covered during the other programs.

Are there other events happening besides Transitions?
Yes, there will be a number of events throughout the week, Laker Welcome. Some events will be academic focused while others will be social. A schedule of the Laker Welcome Events can be found on the Transitions website and you may also refer to  

Is food provided during Transitions?
Lunch is provided on Thursday and Friday during Transitions. However, students with a meal plan will be charged for the meals. Commuter students will additionally be provided with a meal on Wednesday evening.

What if accommodations are needed to participate in Transitions?
Contact us via e-mail at 2 weeks prior to the Transitions Program.

What if I have more questions about Transitions?
Contact us via e-mail at

Who coordinates Transitions?
Transitions is coordinated by staff members in the Office of Student Life in collaboration with various campus departments.

Page last modified June 21, 2017