2020 Teach-In Moments

Thank you Teach-In Attendees

Dear Attendees,

Thank you for your participation in the 2020 Teach-In! The level of engagement from students, faculty and staff was truly inspiring.

Despite the fact that we have been in transition for months and feeling tech overload - we adapted and engaged in difficult dialogues for the betterment of our campus and our life.

Preliminary numbers show 1235 registrations.

The sessions had between 151 and 28 participants and most participants attended 1.5 session, streaming for an average of 120 min.

We can all proudly say 'mission accomplished'! It is clear we have a vibrant learning community at GVSU.

And, a gentle reminder that you can use Whova any time for the next six months!

You can continue to upload resources such as documents and videos, post topics on the community board, and/or network and create meet ups (zoom rooms).

While we missed the opportunity for some face-to-face time during the Teach-In, we surely gained more than we lost.

We are already excited for the 2021 Teach-In.

Between now and then – we wish you the best as you apply all you learned – moving from ideas to action.

The Teach-In Organizers

The Student Senate Gave a Big Hand to the Organizers!

Alexys Neal and Julian Sanders (Senators) were instrumental as liaison during the campaign. They asked one of their own members to create some graphics for their instagram campaign on the Teach-In. Further, they held a feedback booth during the Teach-In. Be they thanked for all their work!

Jacob DeWeerd's reports back on the Teach-In for the Lanthorn

Jacob interviewed some of the presenters of the session on Civil Discourse. Click on the article to read the full article!

IT collaborators

A special thank you to Vince Saint Germain (BBCollaborate), Samantha McLaughlin (Zoom) and Daniel Chang and the Zendesk (Whova)


 29 moderators were instrumental in the success of the 35 sessions.

Equity and Inclusion Committee members who reviewed the proposals and moderated the sessions:

Caitlin Callahan, Alisha Davis, Takeelia Garrett, Jon Jeffryes, Anne McKay,  Alexys Nealy, Anal Shah, Joshua Sheffer, Joel Wendland-Liu, 

Non EIC Moderators 

Katie, Barnhart, Andy Beachnau, Annie Bélanger, Shawn Bultsma, Ke'Asha Cargil, Belinda Coronado, MJ Creutz, Sheila Garcia, Kyle Gineman, Kaitlyn Ortiz, Jasmyn Pearson, Susan Ponischil, Linda Ray, Christine Rener, Melanie Shell-Weiss, Emma Suchecke, Relando Thompkins-Jones, Marla Wick


Campaign Supporters

An event such as this owes much to those who participated in the Teach-In campaign sending emails and reminders from different divisions, offices, centers, associations.

The organizers wish to thank

Provost Cimitile and her team, in particular, Mary Albrecht

Felix N'Gassa, Executive Committee of the Senate

Loren Rullman, Division of the Students Affairs

Jesse Bernal, Division of Inclusion and Equity

Jen Hsu-Bishop, Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center

Juanita Davis, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Jessica Jennrich, Sharalle Arnold, Jessica Campbell, Krystal Diehl, Gayle R. Davis Center for Women & Gender Equity Department

Kevin McIntosh, Campus Interfaith Resources 

Kyle Boone, Director of Housing and Residence Life

Takeelia Garrett, Student Ombuds

Christine Rener, FTLC

Eric Stevens, Students Associations

Maureen Walsh, HR

Shontaye Witcher, DSR


Our special thanks also to the social media campaign collaborators and designers 

Kell Arrand, Promotions Office

Carry Thrail, Institutional Marketing

Meagan Saxton, Anna Young, University Communications

and the journalists

Trevor Huber, Jacob DeWeerd, Lanthorn

Michelle Cofill, GV NEXT

Page last modified August 6, 2021