Megan Steenwyk, Czech Republic

Megan Steenwyk, Czech Republic

I chose Prague last minute - as in, the day before the application deadline. It was absolutely the right choice for me and I sincerely suggest taking a chance on a new place. Just go and learn all you can with the time you have!  

My experiences in the capital city of the Czech Republic are memories that will continue to remind me that there are people all over the world to connect with. I worked at a nonprofit serving children with disabilities and learned about diversity everyday. I learned about the needs of the individuals I met, but also about the needs of the organization that cared for them. As a Public and Nonprofit Administration major, there were many important lessons that I will now integrate into my career. 

While abroad, I also spent time reflecting on my skills as a traveler. I had two months to practice independence in a place with new cuisine, an unfamiliar language, and a rich history very different to the United States. Understanding who you are in a new culture is something I hope everyone experiences at least once. It makes you a stronger and more empathetic person - I think anyone who studied abroad will agree.

-Megan Steenwyk, Prague, Czech Republic - Summer 2016

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