Vanesha Blackburn, Ghana

Vanesha Blackburn, Ghana

Reflections from Week 1 in Ghana:

"We have finally made it to Cape Coast, Ghana.

I have enjoyed every moment of Ghana since we have landed. The most memorable moment that I have had while in Ghana has been on the first night here. Professor Masko has developed a incredible bond with a this dance group called Korye Dance Theatre. This group has been phenomenal.

The first welcome we received was from this amazing group and they performed a traditional dance in fante and it made me think of my family and how they would almost never be able to experience this journey of the slave trade. As time goes on, a typical day would include going to breakfast with my group and taking a local taxi to class at the international center here in Ghana.

The most memorable place while here this first week has been the visit to Cape Coast Castle where slaves were held and transported from where the door of return lies. Once I stepped on the grounds of this exhibit I nearly fell. As I saw the holding where it is plastered Male Slave Dungeon my heart just crumbled and I started to cry and pleaded not to enter. This was one of the most hardest experiences I had that will forever change my life."

-Vanesha Blackburn, Ghana: Literature of the Slave Trade 2016

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