Liliana Rodriguez, Oman/Dubai

Liliana Rodriguez, Oman/Dubai

My experience abroad was eye opening and life changing. I went to a part of the world where many people view is horrible and unsafe, but I see it as another home. I met many new people that were so hospitable the entire trip, and I went on adventures that were absolutely breath taking. I stayed the night in a desert, Rub Al-Khali, and it was the best time of my life. I woke up really early, like 4:30am, and climbed dunes with a few other students to watch the sun rise. It was worth it, absolutely, waking up that early. We slept outside that night, and we could see so many stars. There weren't any city lights that drained them out or anything, it was just really dark with a sky full of stars.

Where am I now:
My experience has impacted me immensely. I recently visited a high school in Holland and spoke about my experience to many students. It's really true, coming back from being abroad changes you as a person. I see things in a different perspective than before. I'm really pursuing Arabic; I've made it my minor. I have applied for the Critical Language Scholarship, which is a government scholarship that pays for an entire trip to study abroad somewhere, in my case, the Middle East. So I'm waiting to hear from that at the moment.

Liliana Rodriguez / GVSU Oman & Dubai Business & Language program 

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