Legislation represents the official positions taken by the Student Senate regarding issues that affect the student body. Pieces of legislation are typically brought by the Student Senate President to the University Academic Senate, to seek the support of the faculty, and to University administrators for implementation.

All resolutions listed below are those that have passed. To request additional information, please feel free to contact the Student Senate President and Executive Vice President.

Legislation (Fall 2022 - Winter 2023)


Date of Passage


F-22-01: Ensure the Grand Valley Student Body is Notified of Changes in Parking Fees, Rules and Regulations

22 September 2022

Zachary Schmidt

F-22-02: Move the Farmers Market from Lot G3 to Lot H1-H2, or Another Designated Location

27 October 2022

Zachary Schmidt

F-22-03: Restructure the GVSU Student Wages Budget and Chart

17 November 2022

Larbi Al Moutaa

F-22-04: Align the Credit/No Credit deadline at Grand Valley State University with the seventy-five percent (75%) tuition refund deadline

22 December 2022

Nancy Hoogwerf

W-23-01: Withdraw Student Senate Participation From Battle of the Valleys

16 March 2023

Zachary Schmidt

Benjamin Biermacher

W-23-02: Increase the Amount of Interfaith Rooms on Campus

23 March 2023

Jonathan Quist

W-23-03: Update Compensation Package Offered to Student Senate Cabinet Members to Eliminate Financial Barriers

23 March 2023

Faith Kidd

Zachary Schmidt

W-23-04: Require the Installation of Keypad Access Points at All Student Entry Points of On-Campus Residence Buildings

30 March 2023

Brandon Schrader

Legislation (Fall 2021 - Winter 2022)


Date of Passage


W-22-02: Extend Grand Valley State University’s admissions test-optional policy until the 2026 admissions cycle with a possibility of further implementation

3 March 2022

Nancy Hoogwerf, Luke Kreger

W-22-03: Consider creating a safety barrier or net on the “Little Mac” bridge

17 March 2022

Aaron Rusch, Faith Kidd

W-22-04: Urge Grand Valley State University to re-examine its COVID-19 level alert system and to support the optional mask-wearing policy inside the Recreation Center.

17 March 2022

Zachary Schmidt, Jeremy Huggins


W-22-05: Ratify USG Resolution 2022-005 for the Student Coalition for Higher Education Funding (SCHEF).


17 March 2022

Justin Frappier

W-22-06: Encourage Grand Valley State University to Print the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Contact Information on Student Identification Cards.


17 March 2022

Bianca Muñoz, Justin Frappier, Benjamin Biermacher

Legislation (Fall 2020 - Winter 2021)


Date of Passage


F-20-01: Support Alternative Methods to Compensate for the Mental Health Effects of Eliminating Spring Break for the Winter 2021 Semester

5 November 2020

Nicholas Raak, Cameron Zbikowski, the Mental Health Awareness Subcommittee

F-20-02: Adopt a Financial and Organizational Examination, Analysis, and Review Policy for Registered Student Organizations

19 November 2020

Eric Siegrist, Madeleine Samuels, the Allocations Committee

F-20-03: Urge Grand Valley State University to Forgo a Tuition Increase for the Academic Year 2021-2022

3 December 2020

Eric Siegrist

F-20-04: Formally Reinstate Battle of the Valleys as an Inter-University Competition between Grand Valley State University and Saginaw Valley State University

3 December 2020

The External Relations Committee

W-21-01: Add an Additional Printer on the Allendale Campus for Students, Faculty, and Staff Use


28 January 2021

Jamie Wilson, Elijah Weekley

W-21-02: Show Support of and Encourage Grand Valley State University to Partner with “Rent College Pads” and Provide Additional Housing Assistance to Students

25 February 2021

Joel Pagel, Nicholas Raak

W-21-03: Further Standardize Online Learning Shells to Increase Cohesion, Understanding, and Engagement


18 March 2021

Faith Kidd, the Educational Affairs Committee

W-21-04: Encourage On-Campus and State-Wide Collaboration and to Identify Solutions to the Issues in Higher Education

8 April 2021

Joel Pagel, Nicholas Raak

Legislation (Fall 2019 - Summer 2020)


Date of Passage


S-20-03: Excused Absences for Voting Bill

3 September 2020

Nicholas Raak

S-20-02: Outstanding Advisor Resolution

29 July 2020


S-20-01: Resolution to Oppose Title IX Changes

29 July 2020

Alex Hicks

W-20-07: Satellite Clerk's Office and Polling Place Resolution

29 July 2020

Eric-John Szczepaniak, Kelly Dowker, Grace McMahon, Joel Pagel, Will Thayer, Alex Hicks

W-20-06: Student Bereavement Policy Bill

29 July 2020

Gillian Garton, Naomi Armstrong

W-20-05: Climate Emergency Bill

29 July 2020

McKenzie Gamage, Alex Hicks

W-20-COVID: Term Extensions

2 April 2020

*Approved by President Mantella.

W-20-04: Menstrual Product Accessibility

27 February 2020

Alex Hicks

W-20-03: Ratification of SCHEF

20 February 2020

Joel Pagel

W-20-02: Voting Barriers

30 January 2020

Sam Jacobs, Joel Pagel, Eric-John Szczepaniak, Will Thayer

W-20-01: Student Perception Survey

23 January 2020

Alex Hicks, Kyle Holcomb

F-19-03: Oppose the Grand River Waterway Project

24 October 2019

McKenzie Gamage, Gavin Marlowe

F-19-02: Prayer/Meditation Center on Health Campus

24 October 2019

Ari Nitzkin

Legislation (Fall 2018 - Winter 2019)


Date of Passage


W-19-06: President Emeritus Title for Thomas Haas

28 March 2019

Morgan Mattler, Rachel Jenkin

W-19-05: Call for Board of Trustees to Abide by the OMA

28 March 2019

Rachel Jenkin, Eric-John Szczepaniak

W-19-04: Call for Student Position on Board of Trustees

28 March 2019

Rachel Jenkin

W-19-03: Prayer Center in the DeVos Center on Pew Campus

28 March 2019

Ari Nitzkin, Amrutha Patil

W-19-02: Income-Based Meal Plan

14 February 2019

Darwin Dmonj Harris

W-19-01: LGBTQ+ Nondiscrimination in University Spending

7 February 2019

Kelly Dowker, Rachel Ibarra, Eric-John Szczepaniak

F-18-05: Oppose Changes to Title IX

6 December 2018

Rachel Jenkin

F-18-04: Prohibiting Assessments on Election Day

6 December 2018

Austin Marsman, Eric-John Szczepaniak

F-18-03: Request Syllabi to be Posted Online

29 November 2018

Ethan Schafer

F-18-02: Three Exams in One Day

8 November 2018

Ethan Schafer

F-18-01: Online Voter Registration

13 September 2018

Eric-John Szczepaniak

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