The Student Senate Cabinet (2024-2025)

The members of the Student Senate Cabinet each lead their respective councils to ensure that Senators engage in and accomplish meaningful work to benefit the student body and the University community as a whole. The President acts as the voice of the Student Body while working with the administration, faculty, and staff at Grand Valley State University.

Quinten Proctor
Quinten D. Proctor, President. Majors: Political Science, International Relations. Class Standing: Junior. Hometown: Kentwood, MI. Fun Fact: I have swam with a wild sea turtle before! The reason I joined Student Senate: I wanted to get involved in the GVSU community and help make changes that would positively impact my fellow Lakers. I felt joining Student Senate was a great way to learn more about the University and make a difference!

Paris R. Lawson, Vice President. Major: International Relations. Minors: Legal Studies, Human Rights. Class Standing: Junior. Hometown: Commerce Township, MI. Fun Fact: I have travelled to 10 countries. The reason I joined Student Senate:  I joined Student Senate to make a difference at GVSU and gain profesional experience while doing it!
Paris Lawson

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