Student Health Services 2022-23 Annual Report

Student Health Services

July 2022 - June 2023

Total Appointments
11, 691
Vaccination Records Collected
Total Prescriptions
Total Screenings Collected
Total Immunizations

Developed a process to increase access to pharmacy on campus via a transportation system.

Trinity has approved this location specifically for allergy injection, to accommodate students.

100% Attrition rate with staffing!

Community Health Advisory Team(CHAT)

  • Provided over 10,000 FREE at-home Covid tests to the GVSU community
  • Covid clinics: in collaboration with the local health department, 186 members of the GVSU Community were vaccinated during two clinics
  • Mpox clinic: in collaboration with the local health department, 30 GVSU community members were vaccinated
  • Developed a new system for vaccine collection
  • Responded to two health emergencies with minimal to no disruption of campus operations
  • Developed systems to address Mpox and Varicella
  • Provided monthly health communication to GVSU community

Top 3

  • # of Anxiety Diagnosis 134
  • # of STI's(Sexually Transmitted Infection) tests ordered 110
  • # of HME/Physicals performed(well visits) 78
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Provides convenient and quality care for injury, infections and illness, women’s health, allergies, physicals, and more. Operated by Trinity Health.

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