Mission, Vision, Core Values


We place students at the center of our work, advocate for their well-being, and promote positive and inclusive programs, services, and facilities.


We aspire to partner with students as they discover their purposes and create meaningful lives, careers, and communities.


  • DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION - We create socially diverse and just environments, challenge marginalizing policies and practices, and develop our own cultural competence.
  • INNOVATION - We are professionally current, use evidence for decisions, and value continuous improvement.
  • LEADERSHIP - We are ambitious for our mission, adaptive in our style, and ethical in our decisions.
  • EXCELLENCE - We offer high quality experiences, create strong student communities, and promote a balanced work-life environment.
  • COLLABORATION - We commit to mutual success, work as a team, and celebrate others' accomplishments.

Page last modified July 22, 2019