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Strategic Plan for University Relations

Context For Planning

The University Relations Division connects with the university's strategic plan in its unique role in creating and disseminating strategic messaging. That messaging supports students success and institutional image with inspiring stories, recognition of achievements and informing the community of resources to ensure access, retention and graduation.


University Relations uses internal and external communication to support the goals of the university. Specifically it supports the stated goals to attain higher levels of community connectedness and support, and national and world renown through its strategic messages to all constituencies and through its public media programs. Success will attract the best students, faculty and staff to the university.


University Relations demonstrates its commitment to an inclusive learning environment by selecting unique messaging, advertising and media programming that features diversity in talent, discipline and background. University Relations provides content and technical help to the administration and the academic departments to ensure attainment of goals and outcomes.

Value Statement

University Relations adheres to the seven core values outlined in the university strategic plan in all its decision making and goal setting: excellence, integrity, inquiry, inclusiveness, community, sustainability and innovation.

Strategic Priorities, outcomes, and key objectives

Strategic Priority Area 1: Actively engage learners at all levels.

Outcome B: Grand Valley is diverse and inclusive.

Objective 1.B.1

Actively seek to hire employees of diverse backgrounds who meet the requirements of the position.




2016 Status
Substantive Progress
Percent of diverse employees increased to 8.3% by end of 2016

Strategic Priority Area 2: Further develop exceptional personnel.

Strategic Priority Area 3: Ensure the alignment of institutional structures and functions.

Strategic Priority Area 4: Enhance the institution's image and reputation.

Outcome B: Grand Valley is diverse and inclusive.

Objective 4.B.1

Support, review and encourage the efforts by Institutional Marketing, WGVU, and University Communications to accomplish this priority.


Meet to review accomplishments of each division at least annually by Vice President of University Relations.


2016 Status
Substantive Progress
Vice President of University Relations scheduled monthly meetings with direct reports to review the university's image and reputation on diversity and inclusion.

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