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Strategic Plan for Civic and Community Engagement


The Civic Engagement Collective exists to increase the knowledge, skills, values and motivation of our students, faculty and staff to act on issues of personal and public concern in ways that are both individually enriching and beneficial to the community. The engagement efforts we design will be reciprocal, with the university and community working together to identify assets and solve public problems.


GVSU embraces a civic ethos made visible through our language, our support structures, our resources, and our practices. Our community-based and democratic learning is advanced through broad and deep curricular and co-curricular experiences that address the needs and interests of our community partners, energize our teaching and scholarship, and resonate with students. Rooted in a liberal education and experiential learning, our graduates are known for their broad knowledge, cultural competence, grasp of community complexities, ability to collaborate, and active commitment to civic life.

Value Statement

Strategic Priorities, outcomes, and key objectives

Strategic Priority Area 1: Actively engage learners at all levels.

Strategic Priority Area 2: Further develop exceptional personnel.

Strategic Priority Area 3: Ensure the alignment of institutional structures and functions.

Strategic Priority Area 4: Enhance the institution's image and reputation.

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