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Strategic Plan for Photography


The Photography Program, in supporting the mission of the School of Communications and the University develops liberally-educated professional image-makers and media scholars through student-centered inquiry and practice in visual communication and the history, theory, criticism and production of photographic images using state of the art methods, tools, and facilities.


The Photography Program at Grand Valley will be the regional center of respected photographic and visual communication studies that promotes professional versatility, critical awareness, and life-long learning. The Photography Program will contribute to the profession and the vitality of the community, as demonstrated through student achievement and placement, faculty development and creative activity, and participation in the regional culture and society.

Value Statement

1. We value a student-centered curriculum with a face-to-face learning community of students and faculty. 2. We value the ideals of a liberal education and the life of the mind. 3. We value a commitment to teaching by highly qualified, diverse, full-time, permanent faculty. 4. We value a safe and professional learning environment and the essential experiences and opportunities conducive to professional development, creativity and intellectual growth. 5. We value a sharing of resources and collaborations with interested partners in the School of Communications, the university community, and the regional community.

Strategic Priorities, outcomes, and key objectives

Strategic Priority Area 1: Actively engage learners at all levels.

Strategic Priority Area 2: Further develop exceptional personnel.

Strategic Priority Area 3: Ensure the alignment of institutional structures and functions.

Strategic Priority Area 4: Enhance the institution's image and reputation.

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