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Strategic Plan for Academic Affairs


We empower learners – through scholarship-informed practices, experiential education, and deep community engagement – to contribute to a sustainable society.


A sustainable and equitable university powered by inclusive education and engaged scholarship.

Values Statement

We cultivate lifelong curiosity, creativity, and open inquiry through conversation and collaboration.

We believe that education is an individual right and a social value to support democratic equality.

We center our practices in equity-minded, just, and transparent approaches.

We prioritize the success, sense of belonging, and well-being of all GVSU community members.

We honor experiences, expertise, voices, and perspectives of all.

Planning Process

Academic Affairs had a new Provost begin in July of 2022. By August, the division was working on their planning process. Initially, the Provost's Cabinet started with Reach Higher 2025 and thought about how Academic Affairs could help the university while also creating a mission that could guide the division. Deans and AVPs worked through November and then placed a draft of the planning effort on the Provost's website and the Provost announced the draft in her Lakers Ready newsletter where she asked for feedback. Feedback was considered as teams of Deans and AVPs continued to focus on the Commitments for the division. Once the planning effort was iterated many times, the final product was presented to the division.


While the Academic Affairs efforts were building upon the RH2025 efforts, the main collaboration within Academic Affairs was seeking feedback from faculty and staff and having Deans ensure that members of the community were informed of the planning efforts.

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