Volunteer Forms

Volunteer assisting STEPS Camper
Volunteer assisting STEPS Campers
Pilot and camper with STEPS plane

Description of Volunteer Opportunities

* Airplane Construction Wings Part 1 - campers will be making parts of their airplane wings.  This volunteer opportunity requires a lot of standing and movement.  Training will be provided.  
* Airplane Construction Tails - campers will be making the tails of their airplane.  This volunteer opportunity is mostly sitting.  Training will be provided.
* Airplane Construction Fuselage - campers will be making the nosecones and fuselages of their airplane.  This opportunity is mostly standing and fairly physical.  Training will be provided.  
* Airplane Construction Wings Part 2 - campers will be doing final assembly of their wings including fine-tuning and painting.  This opportunity is mostly standing and can be messy.  Training will be provided.  
* Airplane Construction Fuselage/Decoration - campers will be doing the final assembly of their fuselage to tails.  Campers will also be decorating their planes with stickers and markers.  Opportunity is mostly sitting.  
* Flight Simulator - campers will be utilizing flight simulator software to practice flying their STEPS planes.  The opportunity is led by our Radio Control Fly Group volunteers.  
* Fly Field Setup - various things need to happen: stake and fence the pit area, stake and rope off parking, move equipment, set up plane-stuffing stations, queuing planes, put up tents, prepare buffet tables, prepare dining area, hang signs, set up a/v equipment, set up garbage receptacles, and other duties as assigned.  This is a physical volunteer opportunity.  
* Pit Crew - various opportunities including spotting planes/timing, plane retriever, stuffer, battery charging station, runner, pilot. Some of these tasks are very technical, but I'm sure someone would be willing to train you.  The exception is the PILOTs!!  The pilots my be R/C Fly Group volunteers as they are trained/insured.  
* Fly Field Cleanup - stack chairs, take down tents, collect cones/stakes/fencing ropes from field, collect garbage, load moving truck, and other duties as assigned.  This is a physical volunteer opportunity.  

Minors On Campus

Grand Valley State University adheres to a strict Minors on Campus policy.  

Grand Valley State University is committed to being a safe and healthy environment for all.  This includes students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors, especially those who are minors.  As a public university open to everyone, the University welcomes children and teenagers on our campuses for a variety of programs and activities planned by the University or by outside organizations.  In all situations, adults are expected to be positive role models for minors, acting in a respectful and responsible manner consistent with the mission and values of the University.  To promote this vision, the University publishes and enforces policies, procedures, and guidelines that have the goal of promoting health, safety, and security for minors on our campuses.

Page last modified February 24, 2023