STEPS Alumni

STEPS Alumni--we'd love to hear from you!

Have you moved?  Have you graduated from high school or college?  Have you become a successful engineer?  Would you like to volunteer as a STEPS volunteer for future camps?  Please feel free to send any updates to Sara at [email protected].  

We also welcome the opportunity for you to sponsor a STEPS camper for next summer.  If you are interested in providing a $75 scholarship to a camper in need, please contact Sara at [email protected].

Want to fly your STEPS plane at home?

Attached is a document with lots of part numbers and for the motor pods, the radio pods, and other accessories for STEPS plane.  Please note that Hobby World is no longer in business, so that is not an option for purchasing plane components.  We still recommend finding a local hobby shop and making friends with the employees.  

What you need!

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