Poster Videos

2023 Michigan Statistics Poster Competition

Check out the following videos (with music!) that pan and zoom around the winning posters to show all the neat details. Special thanks to Mark Adrian (Dan's dad) for making them!  Click on the lower right of each thumbnail to make the video show in fullscreen.  (Please note that these videos will take several seconds to load.)

Grade K-3 Division

First Place: Olivia Ly, Amelia Herlein, Jackson Farrar; Explorer Elementary School; "What can we learn about how students take care of their bodies?"

Second Place: Blessing Moon, Ezra Johnson, Max Grostic; Explorer Elementary School; "What are students' opinions about school?"

Third Place: Jack Holwerda, Nina Sefer; Explorer Elementary School; "How do students manage their mental health?"

4th place: Sage Sallese, Amar Podrug, Kenay Muniz-Perez; Explorer Elementary School; "What can we learn about students' cultures?"

5th place: Declan Stevens, Henry Pluim, Jaxson Linder, Eyman Adkins; Explorer Elementary School; "What do students think about history?"

Grade 4-6 Division

First Place: Lily Trebing, Violet Quist, Olivia Pearson, Osyana Calandrino; Central Woodlands 5/6 School; "Porosity of Rocks"

Second Place: Mason Shane; Discovery Elementary; "What Are Kids Favorite Books?"

Third Place: Robby Langerak, Isaac Boman, Connor Palmer; Discovery Elementary; "Do Students Get Better Grades in Subjects They Like?"

4th place: Audrey McGuire, Brooklyn Thomasma, Jennifer Driver; Explorer Elementary; "Taylor Swift Statistics"

5th place: Kevin Harris, Yvan Nguyen; Discovery Elementary; "What is the Most Common Cookie?"

Grade 7-9 Division

First Place: Alexis Sturtevant, Marshall Szlapa; Armada High School; "How Often Are Teachers & Students on Phones?"

Second Place: Austin Goetgeluck, Jackson Malburg; Armada High School; "What is the #1 Food Group?"

Third Place: Ema Bekic, Reese Mickelsen; Forest Hills Northern High School; "Musee d'Orsay or Louvre: That is the Question"

4th place: Ethan Koss, James Raicevich; Armada High School; "Is There a Correlation? Sleep & GPA"

5th place: Abigail Groen, Aubrey Alcini; Armada High School; "What Do You See?"

Grade 10-12 division

First Place: Audrey Rinck; Koinonia Home School; "Blackbeard vs Blackbelt"

Second Place: Eileen Zhan; Forest Hills Central High School; "Who is more likely to enjoy football as their favorite sport? The impact of gender & previous sports experience"

Third Place: Collin Hoffer, Teddy Kremer; Catholic Central; "Energy Drinks vs. Coffee"

4th place: Thalia Johnson; Catholic Central; "Coffee vs Tea"

5th place: Mary Finkler, Anna Lee; Catholic Central; "Do you stop at stop signs?"

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