MSPC 2020 Winners

Congratulations to the creators of the 2020 winning posters!

Grades K-3

  • First Place: Kiella McIntosh, Annika Jones; Mancelona Elementary School; “How to Eat a Gingerbread Man”
  • Second Place: Michael Vosburg; Waukazoo Elementary School; “Native American Differences in Michigan”
  • Third Place: Miles Ellis, Will Blanton; Waukazoo Elementary School, “Amazing Sea Life”

Grades 4-6

  • First Place: Paavani Tewari; Uriah H. Lawton Elementary School, “Weather Forecasts: The Good, the Bad, and the Wobbly!”
  • Second Place: Liliya Pyk, Harper Schoon-Tanis; Holland Public Schools; “Picture Perfect (A Study of School Yearbooks)”
  • Third Place: Thia Howard, Julia Streng, Quinn Miller; Mary A. White Elementary; “Mummies”

Grades 7-9

  • First Place: Rafe Symonds; Saline High School; “Is Pricing Sexist?”
  • Second Place: Ty Vanlerberhe, Samantha Berlinger; Macomb Academy of Arts & Sciences - Armada High School; “Does Color Affect Choice?”
  • Third Place: Nolan Hill, Tristan Lietz; Macomb Academy of Arts & Sciences - Armada High School; “What's the Probability of a Broken Chip?”

Grade 10-12

  • First Place: Brian Travis; Forest Hill Central High School; “McDonald's: Golden Arches of Obesity?”
  • Second Place: Gianna Lepore; Saline High School; “Does Name Brand Make a Difference in Tampon Absorbency?”
  • Third Place: Cesar Figueras, Sahil Thumma; Saline High School, “Does a Student's Perception of Time Change with Different Tempos of Music?”

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