Kayleah Groeneveld

Kayleah Groeneveld

Kayleah, a native of Grand Rapids, earned her Associate’s degree from Grand Rapids Community College and then transferred to GVSU.  Her love of math eventually led to a visit to the Statistics Department, where Dr. Paul Stephenson converted her into a statistics major.  Her undergraduate degree, particularly courses like Design of Experiments, Nonparametric Statistical Analysis, and Applied Regression Analysis, plus a wealth of tutoring experience, made her an ideal candidate for the PSM program in Biostatistics. Kayleah’s primary internship has been with Integrated Health Analytics working on projects in collaboration with Hope Network.  The work at Hope Network is mainly social sciences-oriented, an area that is not typically covered in the standard Biostatistics curriculum.  A second internship opportunity, with Neurocore, arose from her work in the Statistical Consulting Center.  At Neurocore she has direct access to the top leadership and has been challenged to learn more about neurology as she develops statistical models for them. 

Kayleah says she has learned a lot in the Biostatistics program.  She learned SAS as an undergraduate and became SAS-certified as a graduate student.  She was challenged to learn R during her internship work, and she can also write SPSS syntax and function in JMP.  Her graduate class in Categorical Analysis has proved especially beneficial in her internship work.  Kayleah is interested in remaining in West Michigan following graduation, but also open to leaving if the right opportunity comes along.

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