TRIO SSS Peer Mentor Program

TRIO Student Support Services Peer Mentor Program

The peer mentor is a student staff member who provides leadership for participants in the TRIO Student Support Services Program. Mentors assist in achieving the program goal of supporting first-generation and low-income students who are pursuing degrees at Grand Valley State University. In addition, the program’s primary goal is graduating all students who participate in the program. TRIO Student Support Services Program is a yearlong program. Each mentor will be assigned to help first-year students of the program in exploring and succeeding in their studies and campus community.

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Meet the Mentors


Ale Zamora Hernandez

My name is Alejandra (Ale), I am currently a senior majoring in Spanish, and I am from Grand Rapids, MI. I have been a part of TRIO SSS since I was at Grand Rapids Community College. It has been the only program that has followed me throughout my time in college. Being a first-generation student is frightening as is, I was very happy to find that the staff at GRCC and GVSU put in so much time and effort to make GRCC and GV feel like home and have truly helped me grow as a person and professionally. TRIO SSS made my transition a lot smoother and less stressful. It has been the one program I have been able to rely on. During my time in TRIO SSS I have witnessed how dedicated they are with me and other students, I am very excited that I got the opportunity to be a part of the team this year. One of the most exciting things this year for me is being a Peer Mentor!!! I am very excited to be helping students during stressful times. Being a transfer student, I know first-hand how scary and stressful things can be. I hope to able to connect with all my peer mentees and students that need help.  

Fun fact:

I love playing soccer and volleyball!

Fall is my favorite season!!!!

I love... and I mean love a nice walk on a rainy fall day. 

Kyrah Ross

Kyrah Ross

My name is Kyrah. I was born in raised in Detroit, MI.  I’m a Writing and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies double major, and African American Studies Minor. My dream job is working as a writer and content creator for Essence Magazine or BET.

TRIO has helped me to be more open to utilizing my resources on campus and the faculty at TRIO has offered me a space to come to when during stressful times in the semester and even during those times that aren’t about academics. Meeting with my advisors always proves beneficial as I leave the TRIO office feeling refreshed and motivated as they and everyone else in the program continuously encourages me to stay on task, and to look at life with a positive perspective. What I enjoy most about being a mentor is that I get to pass those traits on to my mentees, get to encourage them and be a positive presence in their lives. 

Fun Fact: 

Some activities on my bucket list include cliff diving, skydiving, and flying a plane.

Nicolette Nelson

Nicolette Nelson

I’m a senior with a double major in group social studies and secondary education with a double minor in earth science and environmental studies. I’m from Sturgis, Michigan. TRIO has impacted me because it’s help provide me with different resources on campus that has helped guide me and push me to succeed in my future career goals. What I enjoy most about being a mentor is meeting new people as well as discovering new things about TRIO that I never new existed before till I really involved myself in the program. Fun facts I’m involved in multiple clubs on campus: National science teachers association, teachers of tomorrow, TRIO SSS.

Fun Fact:

I play intramural sports, I currently work three jobs while In school, and I studied abroad in London, England last semester and am currently planning on studying abroad this summer in Tanzania, Africa.

Trevor Dunn

Trevor Dunn

 My name is Trevor, I am currently a junior majoring in Allied Health Sciences: Pre-Med/Pre-PA, and am from Westland, MI. I have been apart of TRIO since I was a freshman in high school, it is a huge part of the reason why I'm in college right now. TRIO helped me find my passion in life and has ever since opened doors for me that have helped me in all areas of my life. More importantly, I love the mission that TRIO is on to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to accomplish their goals. My favorite part of being a mentor is to help first-year students navigate through that scary/exciting first year where they're experiencing an entirely new life. But, also being introduced to new responsibilities that can be overwhelming. I think that my ability to relate certain issues first years encounter like mental health issues, academic challenges, and just trying to find a balance that allows them to know they're not alone in this and helps them feel at home here at GVSU.

Fun Facts:

-I'm the first person in my family to go to college!

-I'm a Resident Assistant!

-I love photography, especially scenery.

-I love sports and am down to talk about sports with anyone for hours! Especially football.