SPM 490 & 495


Pre-requisite: SPM 390 ("Practicum in Sport Management")
Co-requisite:  SPM 495 ("Administration in Sport Management') is a capstone class and must be taken at the same time as SPM 490 ("Internship in Sport Management"). Students are able to seek internships out of the area if desired, as SPM 495 is delivered online. 

SPM 490 is the internship requirement within the Sport Management Program. Internships can be taken for 6, 9, or 12 total credit hours. Students must complete 45 hours of internship work per credit hour as follows:

  • 6 credits = minimum 270 hours
  • 9 credits = minimum 405 hours 
  • 12 credits = minimum 540 hours 

Students can complete whichever internship credit requirement they'd like based on schedule, credit needs, availability, etc. It is very important that students communicate their hour requirements in advance to site supervisors.  


  1. Course registration
  2. Find a site
  3. Site registration 

Fieldwork FAQ's


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Finding An Internship Site

Students are required to seek a location on their own prior to the start of the semester in which they are taking SPM 490. The Sport Management program is not responsible for finding the location but will assist when a student needs help. Work requirements and compensation can vary dramatically, therefore, it is critical that the student identify areas of interest early and then carefully secure an internship. Internships will not be be approved if the organization is not a sport organization or the internship responsibilities are not in the area of sport management. Students completing this internship are seeking a degree in sport management.

*If an organization does not have internships marketed on their website, this does not mean students cannot reach out and ask if internships are available!

Questions to ask yourself when picking an internship site:

  • Will I get enough hours working here?
  • Are the jobs I'm given relevant to sport management?
  • How much interaction will I get with current employees/staff?
  • Does this job interest me?
  • What can I bring to this position?

To get the best results students should pick an internship they have a vested interest in, not just somewhere they can complete the required number of hours.

Questions regarding the SPM 490 internship or registration process can be directed to Chelsea Brehm at [email protected] 

Site Registration

In addition to registering for the course, students must also register their internship location with the Career Center Internship Management System (IMS). Students are encouraged to discuss their internship location options with the Sport Management internship coordinator to ensure approval. Students are not to begin working at their internship location until approval has been granted by the Sport Management internship coordinator. To better understand the site registration process, please read the brief IMS 2.0 Student Manual

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