While the SELP itself is an online form, the way supervisors engage and interact with student employees is the sole decision of individual supervisors or offices, as it may depend on your style as a supervisor, available department resources, the number of employees, the types of employees, etc.

While the fields in the SELP should be self-explanatory, supervisors may be fielded for questions and should become familiar with the different sections.
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Supervisors should remind students (and also remember) that the SELP should not be used as a job evaluation of employees’ abilities.

The purpose of the SELP is to be individualized and therefore none of the SELP should be filled out as a group, within small teams, or with partners.

To stay in compliance with ADA Accessibility, or if a language barrier exists, should a student need any assistance to complete the SELP, a supervisor should assist.

Set a time/date for student(s) to complete the SELP.

Page last modified August 14, 2016