After student employees have completed the SELP, schedule individual meetings with students (recommended: 30-60 minutes, once per semester). These meetings may or may not be with the students’ direct supervisor. While the SELP is not intended to be used as an evaluation tool, it does not mean that it may not be facilitated during evaluation times.

During meetings, focus on being a facilitator and not an expert. Encourage positive discussion.

  • Ask questions that will encourage thoughtful and detailed answers. Read student’s responses aloud (to jog their memory) if necessary.
  • While the SELP is intended to help students improve in areas they may not feel confident or competent, remember to make the conversation positive and enlightening.
  • As a supervisor, be sure to give specific examples of opportunities, activities and events the student can attend that will help him/her improve in a specific area.
  • It is recommended that you take notes to help hold the student/s accountable.

Utilize the SELP Check-In Document to have student(s) re-assess their confidence/competence in the career self-assessment, learning outcomes, and help to create a new learning plan.

Page last modified September 6, 2016