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Test-taking in college can be overwhelming, however a three step plan for tests can lead you to success!

1. Before Taking the Test- Preparing for your test by starting at least 7 days in advance. Identity what type of test you will be taking (ie: multiple choice, essay, true and false)

2. Taking the Test- Take a deep breath! Time yourself by figuring out approximately how much time you have per question.

3. After the Test- Identify what questions you missed by going over past exams (sometimes only during professor office hours). These questions might pop up again in future exams, so it is important to comprehend the material. 



Test Prep and Studying

Youtube video for test preparation and studying

Video from Oregon State University's Academic Success Center

Taking Tests

Youtube video about taking tests

Video from Oregon State University's Center Academic Success Center

Managing Test Anxiety

Youtube video about managing test anxiety

Video from Oregon State University's Academic Success Center






"I Blew My Exam, NOW WHAT?"

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Youtube video about getting the most from studying

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