Note-Taking and Concept Mapping


Taking proper notes for classes can be tricky. The important thing to know is that you do not need to write everything down. It is far too overwhelming to focus on writing every piece of information in your notebook/computer, rather it is important to understand the information from lectures and write key notes. Follow these tips to help you write proper notes and study appropriately with concept mapping skills.

1. Use the Cornell Method of Note-taking-This technique follows a simple template that allows your notes to become streamlined with organized information.

2. Use Concept Mapping-When studying topics with numerous moving parts, it can become overwhelming to organize the information in your head. Using a form of concept mapping/mind mapping can help you organize and categorize information on a couple sheets of paper. These concept maps can create a visual image of material that could become helpful during test-taking.



Star or Spider Maps

Chapter Maps

Fish Bone Mapping

Cycles and Processes Mapping

Compare and Contrast Mapping

Flashcards and Pairings

All six videos above are from Louisiana State University.