University Volunteers

Throughout the history of GVSU, the use of volunteers has been prominent. As the University has expanded, so has the use of volunteers. The Use of Volunteers policy was created to formalize the relationship between volunteers and the University. Additionally, this policy supports Chapter 6. Section L. of the Board approved Administrative Manual, which states:

It is the policy of Grand Valley State University to support its Board members, officers, faculty, and staff in the reasonable and proper performance of their official duties, and to support students and volunteers when performing services on behalf of or under the direction of the University.

The Use of Volunteers policy has University-wide applicability and has been approved by the Senior Management Team. Departments who use volunteers are required to adhere to this policy and should contact the Risk Management office for questions related to volunteers.


Volunteer Procedures


Volunteer Profile, Disclosure and Consent Form

Authorization for Release of Information for Background Check

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