Student Intervention & Support

Concerns about Students & Care Forms

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.

During the course of their time at GVSU students may experience a variety of pressure and stress from academic work, relationships, and other parts of life.  If you find yourself worried about the well-being of a Grand Valley student we encourage you to share your concerns.  Your report may be the activating event that helps that student get connected to appropriate campus resources, or you may be providing supplemental information that assists in our ability to more appropriately reach out to support that student.  

Please visit GVSU's Student Conduct, Intervention, & Support Website, located here, for more information on the process and to submit a CARE report and share your concerns.  The CARE report, itself, is located here.

You can also contact Aaron Haight, Associate Dean of Students, at (616) 331-3585 or [email protected] with any questions.

Below are several examples of when it would be important to complete the CARE Form (please note that you are encouraged to complete the CARE Form whenever you have a non-emergency concern about a student.  Reasons for concern are not limited to those listed here):

  • Change in student's demeanor from happy to sullen, outgoing to withdrawn, engaged to detached
  • Disruptions in the classroom or at campus events/programs
  • Change in student's attendance pattern, or failure to attend class, work or practices
  • Instances of self-harm or thoughts/discussion related to suicide
  • Questionable email messages or social media posts


Page last modified October 10, 2023