Renters Insurance and Special Events Insurance

It is important to us that our students, faculty, staff, and guests have options for managing their own risk.  With that in mind, Grand Valley State University has collaborated with Mercer to provide a number of insurance products and services for you to consider, under the banner of Campus Connexions.

Renters Insurance is recommended for all students, whether living on campus, or off.  This insurance can provide coverage for loss to your own property, and it can protect you if you're responsible for damage to your residence hall, apartment or neighbor's property. For example accidental damage to your room and contents, residential common areas, or other units in your residence. If you're interested in securing a quote for this coverage from Campus Connexions, please visit their site here

Special Event Liability provides Commercial General Liability coverage for short-term needs.  For example, if you'd like to rent a facility either on or off campus, you may be required to evidence General Liability insurance.  This product can often be used to satisfy those needs.  This type of policy is particularly important if you need to add someone as an Additional Insured on a policy. Also, if alcohol will be served at your event, these policies can often be amended to include a Liquor Liability rider. Visit Campus Connexions' Special Event site, here, for more information or to secure a quote.

If you don't find a product that fits your needs, or pricing that is attractive within the Campus Connexion's website, we encourage you to speak to your own Insurance Agent, or research available coverages elsewhere.

The products available through Campus Connexions are voluntary. GVSU does not warrant the reliability, quality or effectiveness of any products or services offered, nor does it imply an endorsement of the views, information or products provided by this referral service. All transactions, communications and administration of the insurance products and services are strictly between the user and the service providers. GVSU does not benefit financially in any way from this referral service.