Laker Complete Program

GVSU's Laker Complete Program is designed to help former Grand Valley students complete their degree in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible while helping them advance personal and professional goals.

Whatever reasons you had for previously leaving Grand Valley, now is the perfect time to finish your degree. Whether that means finishing what you started or making changes to reflect where you’re at in life now, we help maximize your past credits while helping you find the most flexible way to earn your degree.  You’ve already invested so much working towards a degree, let us help you finish! With flexible degree programming, evening and online classes, along with personalized advising services, we make it easy to go back to school.

Let's Get Started

For a personalized evaluation of your past GVSU credits and any classes you may have taken since leaving GVSU, click on the "Let’s Get Started" button to contact an advisor in our Center for Adult and Continuing Studies. 

Is This Program For you?

  • Are you a previous Grand Valley student who has not yet completed their bachelor’s degree?
  • Have you been away from Grand Valley for 2 or more semesters?
  • Are you ready to finish what you started?

Getting Started

Download our checklist or simply follow these steps:

1. Contact the Center for Adult and Continuing Studies at the location nearest you to schedule an advising appointment to discuss general academic requirements, understanding new college policies, getting reconnected to your academic department, and utilizing campus resources available to adult and nontraditional students.

2. After talking with an advisor, all you'll need to do to return and start taking classes is complete a FREE re-entry. This can be done at your appointment or you can do it by submitting the Petition to return form OR calling the Registrars office at (616) 331-3327 and tell them you want to do a re-entry.

3. Let us help you explore scholarships, financial aid, and other ways to make returning to school as affordable as possible

Finding the Right Degree Option

Many students choose to finish the degree they started and we can help you see what that would require. Many students also find that our customizable, online Bachelors degree in Integrative Studies is a great option as this allows you to integrate previous credits with new career goals, all while taking flexible classes in online and accelerated formats.

Tova Jones talks about her experience returning to GVSU

Integrative studies major Tova Jones came to Grand Valley in 2005 as a first-generation student but left to enter the workforce.

What brought her back? A desire to walk across the graduation stage and say, “I completed it.”

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