Welcome Presenters!

Here is what you need to know to share your work at the Reach Higher Showcase.

Showcase Timeline

January 8: Call for Projects
February 1: Call for Projects closes
March 1: Deadline for submitting posters for printing
April 12: Reach Higher Showcase

Showcase At a Glance: Friday, April 12

3 - 4 p.m. Presenter registration and set-up

  • You can find your poster location using Showcase Project Map (map will be available a week before the event)
  • If you have any questions or need assistance during the Showcase, feel free to go to any of the information tables to speak to an event staff member. Information tables will be noted on the map
  • Easels, name badges, and posters will be preset at each exhibit
  • Please leave your name badges on your easel and take your posters with you at the end of the event
  • You are welcome to keep your poster after the Showcase. If you decide not to take it with you, we will donate to the GVSU Children's Enrichment Center
  • If your group members change after you submit your project or you have different AV or set-up needs, email us at [email protected] 

4 p.m. President's Kickoff Remarks

  • All are welcome!

4:30 - 7 p.m. Reach Higher Showcase

  • It is beneficial to present in teams, however, if you are a solo presenter, it is okay to leave your station. Take breaks, eat, and enjoy the Showcase!

Showcasing Your Work

  1. Create a poster using the official template that will serve as an introduction to your project
  2. The Showcase is designed to feature new projects and initiatives. If you presented last year, your poster should represent change and progress over the last year.
  3. Creativity is encouraged! A poster is the minimum requirement. We encourage interactive components, demos, and other hands-on ways to engage the audience 
  4. Try to illustrate your efforts with at least one concrete artifact or story – bring your work to life with a specific story you could share with attendees
  5. Point out opportunites and challenges in your work and seek feedback from attendees during discussions
  6. Consider a short verbal pitch for attendees who wish to visit many presenters and posters
  7. Work in teams to rotate poster presenters so that everyone can experience the Showcase!

Creating Your Poster

  1. You must make your poster by using the Reach Higher Poster Template
  2. All posters must be uploaded here no later than March 1
  3. Posters will be printed at no cost to you 
  4. Event staff will place your poster in your assigned exhibit space on the morning of the Showcase
  5. Your poster should be technical enough to excite an expert, but not create a vortex of confusion. Use your poster as a prop for more engaged conversation—do not include every detail of your project in the poster
  6. Be sure to include goal of the project—what specifically are you trying to accomplish?
  7. Other components may include: Relevant information about the impetus for this work? Theory of change or changes introduced to reach your aim? What have you learned as a result of your efforts?
  8. The diagram below is of a presentation zone. There will be room for an easel with a poster board, and one to two people. If you have a different style presentation, or need accommodations other than what is shown, please indicate this when you submit your project.
Presentation Zone - Reach Higher Showcase

If you have questions, please contact Morgan Knapp at [email protected] or call (616) 331-2185.

Page last modified February 5, 2024