Phase 2: Refining Values, Vision and Mission

Draft Statements (May 2021)

The Reach Higher 2025 Steering Committee is happy to present to the GVSU community the latest draft Values, Vision, and Mission statements. These statements have emerged from our community’s 2019 Grand Huddles, as well as our more focused efforts of the past five months—soliciting and considering input from all segments of GVSU’s stakeholders.

These statements are GVSU’s public declaration of why we exist as an institution, and for whom. They state what animates our work now and in the future, and signal our priorities for improvement. Thus, the varied audiences for these statements include our students, faculty and staff, community partners, and the wider public.

We lead with our values

Inclusive and Equitable Community is how we foster and sustain a sense of belonging, promote diversity and respect, demonstrate reciprocity, and address systemic issues that impact outcomes for those who have been historically excluded from higher education. Inclusion and equity will be experienced through our physical campuses and in digital environments, as well as our interpersonal, institutional, and community engagements.

Inquiry is active questioning and problem solving to improve lives and communities. Building on our strong foundation of a liberal education, we strive to provide relevant experiential opportunities that integrate the curriculum in professional contexts. Active scholarship, expression, and innovation leads to fulfillment, prosperity, and justice.

Innovation puts ideas into practice, drives us towards excellence, and represents our forward-thinking mindset. We value entrepreneurship, risk taking, and interdisciplinary collaboration that solves local, regional, and global problems and advances the common good.

Integrity drives us to be accountable to ourselves and to others. Integrity moves us to actively pursue and sustain our institutional mission of quality education and research, and be excellent stewards of our communities, our resources, and our planet.

Internationalization is how we think and act on a global basis, particularly in concurrently supporting people, planet, and prosperity. Our efforts at supporting the well-being of individuals, groups, and ecosystems are important locally, nationally, and globally—all of which are interconnected and interdependent.

We are inspired by our vision for the future

Together, we design an unparalleled education for the ever-changing future you face.

We are guided by our mission

Learners are empowered in their own mission and purpose. Together, we advance equity, understanding, knowledge, and lifetime learning.

We reach higher together through our commitments, promises, and strategies

Commitment: At Grand Valley, we begin with your passion and gifts.
Promise: Your guides.
Strategy: At GVSU, every student declares both a major and a mission, and everyone is guided by their own personal board of advisors.

Commitment: At Grand Valley, we are all educators and learners.
Promise: Your path.
Strategy: At GVSU, every learner has a fully personalized pathway towards fulfilling their life's purpose -- aided by a university community that is always open, active, and alive with ideas.

Commitment: At Grand Valley, we integrate learning and work across a Laker’s lifetime.
Promise: Your advantage.
Strategy: At GVSU, our approach to learning is recognized as a national model for excellence and innovation. All learning is interdisciplinary, socially embedded, customizable, adaptive, and directly relevant to the worlds our graduates enter and create.

Commitment: At Grand Valley, we create transformative equity and a sense of belonging.
Promise: Your home.
Strategy: At GVSU, we ensure that our community serves as a catalyst towards a more just and sustainable world -- both on our campuses and beyond.

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