Phase 2: Refining Mission, Vision, and Values (Jan. 2021)

Draft Statements (As of January 27, 2021)

The Reach Higher 2025 steering committee appreciates all your participation and input on the most recent phase of the move towards our university’s next Mission and Values statements. Your collective input, in live huddles and in written comments and suggestions, has been very helpful in shaping the current draft language. We believe this draft mission statement and values statement reflects the thousands of comments and individual input from the 2019 huddles, and the Fall 2020 phase. We are particularly pleased to have received extensive and frank input from a range of student leaders in multiple sessions. We have done our best to reflect the emerging consensus of each and every conversation we were involved in; we know there was rarely unanimity in any specific language, but we believe these draft statements reflect what was articulated and heard.


Want more information on the community discussion that led to these drafts? Check out this grid which shows our current Mission, Vision, and Values, some of the reasons for changes, and the proposed drafts.

Download grid (doc)

Draft Mission

Grand Valley State University: Transforming lives, professions, and communities through active inquiry across inclusive learning environments. Our educational opportunities are accessible to all, and are rooted in liberal education and forward-thinking professional education.

Draft Vision

We lead in learner-driven experiences that integrate liberal and professional education to achieve a lifetime of growth and purpose. We live this by providing personalized, compelling, and equitable opportunities for all learners.

Draft Values

Inclusive and Equitable Community is an important value to GVSU, both to the institution, and to the region and world in which we live out the institution’s mission. We aspire to foster and sustain communities that are inclusive of all perspectives and individuals, demonstrate reciprocity, and actively lift up all voices in an equitable way. Students, faculty, and staff experience community on our physical campuses and in digital environments, as well as partner with individuals, groups, and institutions across Michigan and the wider world.

Inquiry is active questioning and problem solving to improve lives and communities. Building on our strong foundation of a liberal education, we strive to provide relevant experiential opportunities that integrate the liberal arts in professional contexts. Active scholarship, expression, and innovation leads to fulfillment, prosperity, and justice.

Innovation that puts ideas into practice, drives us towards excellence, and represents our forward-thinking mindset. We value entrepreneurship, risk taking, and interdisciplinary collaboration that solves local, regional, and global problems and advances the common good.

Integrity drives us to be accountable to ourselves and to others. It moves us to actively pursue and sustain our institutional mission, and be excellent stewards of our communities, our resources, and our planet.