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General policies for conducting radiation surveys are as follows:

1. Authorized users are responsible for periodically surveying all areas where radioactive materials are used and stored using appropriate instruments and methods. Surveys should be performed and recorded after each day's use of radioactivity. However, the Radiation Safety Committee may approve less frequent surveys and/or documentation. In no case will any Authorized User with radioactive material in inventory survey all areas of radioactive material use and storage (e.g., fume hoods, work benches, floor around work areas, storage areas, door handles) at a frequency less than quarterly, even if the lab is shared with others who have conducted surveys.

2. No person or object subject to radioactive contamination is to leave a laboratory without being monitored for radioactivity. Suitable monitoring techniques are using a thin end-window Gieger-Müller (GM) survey meter or conducting wipe tests. Specific techniques for lab surveys must be part of the protocols submitted for approval.

3. Documentation of surveys must be provided to the RSO on a quarterly basis using the Survey Log Form for CHS 565 or PAD 264 and must include:

  • A diagram of the area surveyed
  • A list of items and equipment surveyed
  • Specific locations on the survey diagram where wipe test was taken
  • Ambient radiation levels with appropriate units
  • Contamination levels with appropriate units
  • Make and model number of instruments used
  • Background levels
  • Name of the person making the evaluation and recording the results and date

4. The surveys must be done using wipe methods and portable survey instruments. (Wipe methods alone are sufficient for laboratories using only 3H.). Each lab must be equipped with the proper survey instruments kept in working order and calibrated according to the manufacturers specifications.

5. A surface will be considered to be contaminated if levels are identified greater than two times background