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Minor Incidents

If your skin comes in contact with radioactive materials:

1. Rinse the area immediately with water, followed by thorough cleansing with soap and water. Then use a decontaminate cleanser made especially for skin.

2. Repeat until a survey shows only background levels of radioactivity.

3. Notify your supervisor of the accident, and assist him/her in preparing a report.

If you spill radioactive material:

1. Stop work and notify others that there is a spill

2. Wearing gloves, blot up the spill using paper towel, unless the spill is too large. In that case leave the area and contact the supervisor

3. Cleanse the area with a decontaminate, and survey until it shows there is only background radioactivity

4. Check your shoes hands and clothing for any contamination

5. Dispose of all paper towels and other cleaning supplies in proper waste disposal areas

6. Notify the supervisor that a spill occurred and assist in filling a spill report.