Tara Cornelius

Tara Cornelius

Associate Professor
B.S., Santa Clara University
M.A., Ph.D., Western Michigan University
Office: 1321 AuSable Hall
Phone: (616) 331-8702
Email: cornelta@gvsu.edu

Office Hours


Clinical Psychology; Interpersonal Relationships

Courses Taught

PSY310 - Behavior Modification

Research Interests

My research interests broadly lie in the area of marital, couples and intimate dyadic relationships and interpersonal processes.  Specifically, I am interested in examining intimate interpersonal interactions and discerning different functional relationships that may be related to satisfaction, communication problems, and aberrant behavior, including violence in the context of interpersonal relationships.  As such, my research endeavors have focused on examining communication skills training with married couples, as well as investigating prevention and intervention programs for interpersonal violence, particularly dating violence.

Current Research

My current research focuses on examining the function of aggressive behaviors in intimate relationships. I am currently conducting an interview-based project examining the functional role of violence in relationships, which serves the secondary purpose of contributing to the development of a better theoretical understanding of interpersonal violence, since there exists a dearth of empirical literature in this area. I am also actively working on research related to examining factors that predict participation in prevention programming for dating violence, and how these may be distinct for primary and secondary prevention samples. 

My second line of research is related to my interest in methodologies of college teaching, particularly related to web-based methods. In collaboration with other researchers at Grand Valley, I continued work on a grant-funded project examining the differential impact of instructor-provided notes on three outcomes: 1. student performance (test scores); 2. type of material learned (definitional versus conceptual), and 3. student attendance. I am also working on a project to expand this research to examine the effect of training in note-taking skills for webnotes on learning outcomes.

Recent Publications and Conference Presentations

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