National Science Foundation Grant Award

National Science Foundation Grant Award

Professor Mario Fific has recently been awarded a grant from the NSF (National Science Foundation) for his research into cognitive properties in decision making (2019 NSF (SES-1854762 & 1854763) PI: Mario Fifi, Co-PI: Joseph W. Houpt, Title: Collaborative Research: “Determining the Fundamental Cognitive Properties of Decision Making, 2019-2022 [$ 366,880]). The research will accomplish three objectives: (1)to gain an important understanding how multiple sources of information are combined during decision making, (2) conduct new empirical tests of the fundamental process across different decision making tasks, and (3) rigorously compare among the top decision making theories based on the new empirical findings. The grand will support 6 undergraduate students stipends in the total amount of $18000.

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Page last modified May 28, 2019