Mary Bower Russa

Mary Bower Russa

Assistant Chair for Advising, Enrollment and Curriculum

B.S., Michigan State University M.A.
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Office: 2214 AuSable Hall
Phone: (616) 331-2907

Office Hours


Clinical and Health Psychology

Courses Taught

PSY 101 - Introductory Psychology

PSY 303 - Psychopathology

PSY 368 - Psychology of Physical Disabilities

PSY 668 - Health Profession Disability Psychology

PSY 367 - Health Psychology

Recent Publications

Mylonas, K., Lawrence, C., Zajenkowska, A., Russa, M.B. (2016).  The Situational Triggers of Aggressive Responses scale in five countries: Factor structure and country clustering solutions. Personality and Individual Differences, 104, 172-179. 
Rodriguez, C. M., Russa, M. B. & Kircher, J. C. (2015).  Analog assessment of frustration tolerance:  Association with self-reported child abuse risk and physiological reactivity.  Child Abuse and Neglect, 46, 121-131.  
Dominiak-Kochanek, M., Konopka, K., Russa, M. B., & Fraczek, A. (2015).  Harsh discipline and readiness for interpersonal aggression in Poland and the USA: The mediating role of sensitivity to provocations and frustrations.  Polish Psychological Bulletin, 46, 542-554.   
Russa, M. B., Matthews, M. & Owen-Deschryver, J. (2015).  Support for families with children with Autism.  Journal of Positive Behavior Intervention, 17, 95-104.   
Russa, M. B., Rodriguez C. M. & Silvia, P. J. (2014).  Frustration influences impact of history and disciplinary attitudes on physical discipline decision making.  Aggressive Behavior, 40, 1-11.         
Rodriguez, C. M., Russa,  M. B., & Harmon,  N. (2011).  Assessing abuse risk beyond self-report:  Analog task of acceptability of parent-child aggression. Child Abuse and Neglect, 35, 199-209.
Russa, M. B., & Rodriguez, C. M. (2010).  Physical discipline, escalation and child abuse potential:  Psychometric evidence for the Analog Parenting Task.  Aggressive Behavior, 36, 251-260.
Bower-Russa, M.E. (2005).  Attitudes mediate the association between childhood disciplinary history and parenting responses.  Child Maltreatment, 10, 272-282.            

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