Brian Lakey

Brian Lakey

Professor - Clinical/Social/Personality Psychology

  • B.A., Arizona State University
  • Ph.D., Indiana University

Distinguished Contribution to a Discipline Award 2016

Office: 2315 Au Sable Hall

Phone: (616) 331-2868

Email: [email protected]        



Distinguished Contribution to a Discipline Award 2016


Clinical, Interpersonal Relationships

Courses Taught

PSY 303 - Psychopathology

PSY 420 - Theories of Personality

Research Interests

Quantitative analyses of interpersonal relationships and mental health

Recent Publications

Lakey, B., Brummans, B., Obreiter, A., Hubbard, S., Vander Molen, R. J., Fles, E., Andrews, J., Woods, W. C., Hesse, C., Gildner, B., Forster, K., Lutz, R., & Maley, M. (2021). When Forecasting Mutually Supportive Matches will be Practically Impossible. Psychological Science, 32, 780-788.

Lakey, B., Hubbard, S. A., Brummans, J., Obreiter, A., Perrin, P. B. (2022). The relational regulation of within-person variation in personality expression. Journal of Personality, 90, 152-166.

Lakey, B., Hubbard, S., Woods, W. C., Brummans, B., Obreiter, A., Vander Molen, R. J., Fles, E., Andrews, J., Hesse, C., Gildner, B., Lutz, R., & Maley, M. (2022).

Consensually supportive people evoke positive affect, but do not reduce negative affect, while supportive groups result from favorable dyadic, not group effects. Anxiety, Stress and Coping, 35, 323-338.

Hubbard, S. A., Lakey, B., Jones, S. C. T., & Cage, J. L. (2022) Supportive personal relationships evoke positive racial identity and mental health. Journal of Black Psychology, 48, 772–793.

Lakey, B. (2023). Social support and relational regulation. In D. J. A. Dozois & K. S. Dobson (Eds). Treatment of psychosocial risk factors in depression. (pp. 55-79). American Psychological Association.

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