Direct Patient Care/Mental Health Worker

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Background -

Direct Patient Care workers assist patients in daily group activities, personal grooming, and ongoing assessment of safety and emotional needs.

What can I expect to make as Direct Patient Care worker? $35,000*

What classes at GVSU may help me prepare to working in this field? Discuss with your advisor which courses among those on this list, along with other courses not listed here, would best serve your career goals.
     1. PSY 302 – Psychology of Adjustment
     2. PSY 303 – Psychopathology
     3. PSY 310 – Behavior Modification
     4. PSY 324 – Developmental Psychopathology
     5. PSY 368 – Psychology of Physical Disabilities
     6. PSY 367 – Health Psychology
     7. CPR Certification may be required at your job position

What skills should a Direct Patient Care worker have in their career? Strong writing and communication skills, experience with community agencies, experience with multicultural issues and diverse populations, ability to remain confidentiality while working with clients, and de-escalation procedures are preferred skills for those working in direct patient care positions.

Employer Possibilities
     1. Parent Support Partner (no bachelor’s degree needed)
         a. Experience with community resources, knowledge of public and private organizations, computer & interpersonal skills
         b. Understanding of what it is like to work with children with disabilities
     2. Michigan Peer Recovery Coach/Specialist – must have been or currently in recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions
         a. 5 days of intense training through Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH)
     3. Youth Autism Specialist
         a. Working under a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to help provide interventions for those with Autism
     4. Pine Rest – Direct Patient Care Provider
         a. Work under supervision of registered nurses, psychiatrists, social workers and therapists to help clients achieve their goals.

*Estimated by browsing current job postings (2017)