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About half of all psychologists are employed in educational settings. The second-largest group work in human services settings, including government agencies, hospitals, clinics, and private practice. Some psychologists also work in business and industry. Jobs as a psychologist require at least a master's degree, and many, such as teaching in a college or university, require a doctoral degree.

Students who major in psychology and then seek employment at the bachelor's level may find jobs in such human services settings as psychiatric hospitals, programs for individuals with developmental disabilities, alcohol and drug abuse centers, juvenile correctional facilities, vocational rehabilitation centers, and residential programs for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. Entrance level positions are at the paraprofessional level and compensation is modest, but with perseverance and experience advancement is possible.

Graduates may also find employment in business and industry and in government at the national, state, or local levels, where a general liberal arts degree in a social science is required.

Psychology may also be part of a major for obtaining teaching certification at the elementary level. Alternatively, it may be a minor combined with another major leading to secondary certification and the teaching of psychology at the high school level.

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Learn more about careers in Social Work, search for Masters of Social Work programs in the US and search for job opportunities in the field


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