Travel/Internal Grant Reimbursement Procedure

Academic Affairs Process and Procedures

Effective date:  January 2, 2009
Revised date:  June 17, 2022

All expenditures for faculty travel that are subsidized by an internal Grand Valley grant or award will be initially charged to the faculty’s home department. An expense form along with original receipts will be submitted by the home department through Concur for expense processing.

After the expense is paid, the home department will submit requests for reimbursement via OnBase to the granting unit(s), (e.g., Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence (CSCE), Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (FTLC), Padnos International Center (PIC), etc.). The expenses, up to the amount of awarded grant funds, will be returned to the department’s working budget, account code 7001. In order to verify the expenditures, it is necessary for the OnBase transfer request to include a copy of the expense documentation for the granting unit, in the form of a Concur expense report or paid invoice.

All items acquired using University funds, including Faculty Professional Development, internal grant support, or department funds, are generally considered property of the University.  These items are subject to the acquisition and disposal policy procedures found at: and

Page last modified October 14, 2022